Brand New Green Screen Actors & Assets
To Create Videos That Look Like Commercials!

17 NEW Actors & 100's of Green Screen Videos

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Why you should jump on this launch...

I’ve been selling graphics products for over 15 years, and my graphics bundles have always been best sellers. I put great care into each bundle, and spend $1,000’s out of my own pocket to include only top quality content in my graphics packs. Customers love it, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

Green Screen Actors V1 is already proven to convert well. It sold over 1,500 units with high conversions & EPCs with refunds under 1%.

Previous Video Maker Toolkit versions have sold 1,000's of copies and have under 2% refund rates.

Previous Marketing Graphics Toolkit versions have sold over 20,000 FE copies and also have under 1% refund rates.

What Is "Green Screen Actors" V3?

"Actors SELL Products!"

There's an Obvious and BIG Reason most TV Commercials, Online Campaigns, Magazines and Even Billboard Ads use Real People to Sell and Advertise their Product - It Simply Works! 

People relate to other people - smiling, pointing and presenting whatever it is you are trying to sell them. It's a proven and effective method to draw attention to your Sales Message. And it works much better than just Headlines and Graphics. Just imagine TV Commercials or Youtube Ads without any Actors or Models in them - That wouldn't work to well would it? Probably not...

There's just 1 Problem: It's usually Expensive! That's why MOST websites primarely use Headlines and Graphics to sell their products - sometimes adding cartoons / stock photos of people to make up for the lack of Actors available to them. And thats what "Green Screen Actors" V3 is for! Giving the "Little Guy" Access to Real Actors & Models and use them in Sales Videos and Websites to draw more attention to your Sales Message and Products!


The "Green Screen Actors" V3 Pack Comes With:

Over 100 200 Green Screen Videos
With 17 New Actors...

In All Kinds of Different Poses, Performing Different Actions, & Using Different Props

Out-Of-Focus HD Live Footage Videos
Dozens of Video Backdrops To Add Behind The Green Screen Actors

Out-Of-Focus Background Images
Image Backdrops That Look Like Real Scenes (Edited for Green Screen)

Premium HD Motion Backgrounds
Give Your Videos a More Funky Look

And More...

Sales Page Preview

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Optimized Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel:

Front End – $17: Bundle of 100% Original Green Screen Video Actors and video assets.
OTO 1 – $47: Developer License + More Green Screen Actors + More video graphics assets.
OTO 2 - $47: Details coming soon...
OTO 3 - Details coming soon...

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If you’re one of my top affiliates and you have a product that I think my list would love, I’ll probably promote it. And if your product is a really good fit with my list and I push it hard, I can send you 50 to 300+ sales. Here are some screenshots of some of my best promos…

Swipes & Bonuses

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To get access to leaderboard updates and JV prizes!

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(You will be approved for the entire sales funnel from this one link)

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