Save $1000's Over Stock Footage Sites – Pay Under $0.25 Cents Per Video!

Download Over 200 HD Green Screen Videos! And Start Adding Real Actors & Models To All Your Sales Videos!

  • Over 200 HD Green Screen Videos!
  • Pro Actors and Models!
  • Under $0.25 Cents per Video!
  • 100% Unique and Original Footage!
  • 20 Video Categories
  • 50+ Videos with "Added FX"
  • Compatible with Top Video Editors

 Actors Sell Products! Theres a reason why most TV Commercials, Music Videos, Magazine Ads etc. use Real People (actors & models) to Sell their Products - It Works. People relate to other people Smiling, Dancing, getting Angry and Frustrated.

Fancy graphics sliding in and out, and cool text alone doesn't quite have the same impact as real actors do. In both sales videos meant to sell a product (basically online commercials) and even free YouTube videos uploaded as entertainment: Sales Videos with Real Actors convert better, while YouTube videos with real people / videos (instead of just images) get more likes and positive comments.

So if it works, then why isn’t every marketer using real actors in their videos? Simple: its too expensive and time consuming. There's a lot that goes into planning, organizing and executing a professional Video Shoot. So we decided to do all the hard work for you. Introducing "Green Screen Actors V2"...

Skip The Hard Part and Save Money:

And when we say the "Hard Part" we mean it: This package took over 2 Months to put together. Anyone who's organized and shot professional shoots with actors in a studio will undestand - shooting and editing over 200 different videos with multiple actors in no easy, or cheap task.

That's why "Green Screen Actors" V2 offers so much value to anyone that creates their own vidoes: this is the absolute Cheapest, Easiest and Fastest way to add real actors to your videos! This content cost thousands of dollars to produce, and would cost even more to buy from StockFootage Websites that charge $10, $40, even $100 per single video clip! 

  • DON'T: Spend $1000's on Hiring Actors, Professional Camera Guy and Renting Equipment!

These Green Screen Videos cost nearly $3,000 to Produce! We've had 5 different video shoots, Rented 2 different studios, paid a bunch of actors and models, hired photographers and rented a whole bunch of studio equipment just to put the “Green Screen Actors V2” Pack together.

  • DON'T: Waste MONTH'S of Time trying to create the content yourself!

This Video Content took over 2 Months to put together! Finding and Auditioning actors, creating a shot list, renting studio equipment & location, Scheduling and organizing the shoot with actors and crew, shooting for Days...followed by Days of editing 100's of Videos. Its not an easy task.

  • DO: SAVE $1000's over Stock-Footage Websites that charge $15 - $25 Per Video!

This is a No-Brainer! You get 200 HD Green Screen Videos for the Price of Just 1! And thats NOT an exaggeration... Just google “stock footage” and visit websites like VideoHive and iStock, you'll find the price per 1 single video is often more than the entire “Green Screen Actors V2” Pack!

The Bottom Line is: if you want to add Real Actors & Models to all your Videos – This is the cheapest, least time consuming and easiest way to do it. You are literally Saving $1000's of dollars and Months of Time and Effort.

Let Me Show You What You Get...

Over 100 200 Green Screen Videos
In 11 20 Different Categories...



Pumping Fist:



Using Phone:

Call To Action (Subscribe, Sign Up Below, etc.)

Using DSLR Camera:


Putting On Makeup:

Using VR Headset:



Holding Umbrella:

Playing Guitar:

Remote & TV with Green Screen:

Laptop with Green Screen:

Phone with Green Screen:

Holding Sign:

Holding Business Card:

Billboards & Ads:

These Greens Screen Videos are the perfect way to add emotion, excitement and hype to your video content...Making it more attention grabbing, relatable to the viewer and appear more professional / legitimate (like a TV Ad). Real people displaying real emotions and actions make a BIG impact!

And the best part is: its easy! With most Video Editing programs it only takes 3 simple steps to place these real Actors inside your own Videos in front of any background you like!

You Don't Have to Be A Pro To Use
These Videos - It's EASY!

The videos inside the “Green Screen Actors” Pack are compatible with all of the top Video Editors. So if you've used programs like Camtasia, After Effects, Explaindio, Video Motion Pro, etc.. you'll have no problems quickly putting these Videos to use.

It Only Takes 3 Steps (in most programs):

Step 1: Choose Green Screen Video

Step 2: Remove Green Background

Step 3: Add ANY Background

Instructions Included

But, if you're a complete beginner or just need a lil bit of guidance on how to stick these Green Screen Actors into own video content – I've created an easy to understand Guide with simple step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Pro or Beginner you'll be 100% covered. The videos already come in a format that's compatible with all top Video Editors, and the Guide comes with step-by-step instructions with screenshots for 5 of the top video editors. So if you're worried about using these videos being to difficult or complex, don’t be – its easy!

Special Launch Discount:

Grab Over 200 Green Screen Videos For the Price of Just 1:

 Regular Price $67

Special Launch Price:

Green Screen Actors V2

Extra Modules

More Green Screen Goodies to Help You Make Awesome Videos...

Out-Of-Focus HD Live Footage Videos

The cool thing about the Green Screen Actors is that you can place them on top of ANY background. So to give you a head start I've put together a nice collection of cinematic looking Out-Of-Focus live footage videos. With these live video backgrounds you can instantly put your actors into different places like: an office, shopping mall, library, on a street, and other places.

Out-Of-Focus Cinematic Background Images

If you don't find quite the background you need in the live footage videos, I'm also including a big collection of Out-Of-Focus background images. These are NOT just some random stock photos. Each of the images has been carefully selected and edited to look great as a backdrop for a green screen video. Each image has been cropped to fit most of the green screen actors and situations, plus blurred out to give them that cinematic look.


You'll get dozens Out Of Focus Backgrounds in all kinds of different categories like...

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Store
  • Street
  • House
  • Music Studio
  • And More...

HD Animated Backgrounds

In case you want to give your videos a more funky look, you can do that with this collection of HD Animated Backgrounds.

3D Animated Comic Phrases

Put these comic graphics next to your green screen actors to help convery emotion!

Animated Speech Bubbles

Make the green screen actors say what ever you want with these animated speech bubbles. Just type in some text over the empty bubble graphics.

JUST ADDED: More Extra Assets...

3D Social Media Icons

Add these animated 3D icons to your videos to pormote your social media sites.

Commerce Explainer Objects


Over 50 Green Screen Videos
With Special Effects Already Added...

Make your videos trully POP with these "Added FX". The Effects & 3D animations have already been applied to the Green Screen Actors videos at the right keyframes and locations. So all the work has been done.

All Of This Awesome Stuff Is Yours For
a One Time Special Discounted Price

 Regular Price $97

Special Launch Price:

Green Screen Actors V2

Terms of Use & Conditions:

None of the 18 Actors and Models appearing inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack, or Video content may be used to promote the following types of content:

- Adult themed, Pornographic or content of Sexual nature: including pornographic websites, sex toys or accessories, condoms, phone hotlines, sexual advice, how to guides and information.

- Offensive, Hateful and Inappropriate content: hateful imagery, racism, violence, intolerance, religious extremism etc. As well as any content meant to offend, disgust, disturb or shock the viewer.

- Products or Services promoting criminal and dishonest practice: guides and information on criminal activities and enterprises, tax evasion, hacking information and software etc.

- Pick Up Artist (PUA), how to pick up girls and / or dating and seduction guides:
this includes blogs, articles, youtube videos, ebooks, mp3 and audio files and any other content on the subjects of PUA, seduction and "game".

- Counterfeit Goods: applies to fake sports apparel, knock-off designer handbags, fake iPhone and apple products, illegal online movie streams, software etc. as well as any other products or services mimicking brand names goods and trademarks.

- Dangerous and or Harmful and Unhealthy products or services: recreational drugs, counterfeit prescription drugs, weapons, explosives, tobacco, as well as information and guides on making, selling and acquiring such products or services.

- Political Campaigns and / or Propaganda: including television and internet ads promoting or smearing persons involved in politics, or having political influence.

The people included inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack are REAL actors and models - with real careers, portfolios and sample reels. They audition for real TV shows, go to magazine photo-shoots and place a great deal of importance on their image and reputation. This is why we ask you respect these Terms of Use.

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