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The "Green Screen Actors" PLR Sale: Over 100 Green Screen Videos, Starring 18 Pro Actors & Models, with Sales Material & Awesome Bonuses!  

Watch the Sales Video (Same Video YOUR Customers Will See)

- Hard and Expensive to Recreate: This content cost $1,000's to produce, and weeks of time to plan / put together. 

- Non-Generic and Unlike most PLR Offers.

- Proven to Sell "Like Hot Cakes" with a High Conversion: Over 2000 Sales with 15% Conv.

- Comes With Sales Page, Graphics, Sales Video & Copy: Everything You Need to Start Selling!

- The Absolute Best Deal Available in this Niche Online! The Competition sells 1 Clip at a time for $20, $30 or even $100!

"Sell a $27 - $97 Product that Converts at 15%"

Creating your own product to sell is hard and expensive, and so a lot of people turn to PLR or resell rights. The problem with most PLR offers out there however, is they're just not very good. What we have for you on this page is different...

This is NOT a bunch of ghost written articles, niche ebook, bunch of banner templates or a product made just to be sold as PLR. This is a REAL Product thats made over $75,000 in Sales. It's nearly impossible to outsource, costs thousands to produce, and requires directing actual actors as well as access to a professional studio. Here's how "Green Screen Actors" did right here on JVZoo...

As you can see the Online Marketing / JVZoo crowd respond really well to this content. Our first Launch had a total of $50,199 in Revenue with 15.26% Conversion, and under 1% Refunds. We did another launch recently, where this content was bundled with previous "GSA" content, and it also did great...

We've launched this product multiple times, and each time it converts great. It's an evergreen offer that can be promoted for years to come.

Furthermore its not the type of content you can just find for free all over the internet - the only other place to get green screen Footage with Actors in it are websites like istock, VideoHive, Pond5 etc. Where 1 Single Clip sells for $20, $30 and even over $100! So this isn't your everyday PLR content. Please keep that in mind as you look over this offer... 

Theres a reason why people are willing to pay $20, $30, or even $100 for just 1 single clip of an actor on a green screen - its a lot cheaper and less time consuming than producing that same clip yourself. Plus its effective - Actors really do "Sell Products" and catch people's attention. Sales Videos with Real Actors are far more relatable to an Audience than just Graphics alone.  

Now that you know how much 1 Single Clip sells for, Remember: You Get Over 100 of them! And because this product is "modular", there's no shortgage of ways to re-package and sell in in different ways. For example: you can esily split it in half and offer 50 Videos as a "Front End" and sell the remaining 50 Videos as your "Up-Sell". 

What Does the "Green Screen Actors" PLR Package Come With?

The "Green Screen Actors" Pack allows regular people to include Professional Actors & Models in their videos… WITHOUT spending $1,000s on hiring actors and renting equipment or spending weeks on casting, auditions, shooting a full day etc.

  • 18 Different Actors in all (Male & Female)
  • Over 100 Different Videos!
  • 100% Unique & Original Footage (shot by us)
  • 11 Video Categories (Dancing, Happy, Angry, Shopping etc.)
  • 1080p HD Videos (Ideal for Editing)
  • Compatible with All Top Video Editors

We did all the hard work and rented a green screen, hired a professional camera guy and hired and shot 18 different actors and models in over 100 green screen videos. In the videos the actors act out most popular Marketing / Commercial actions and gestures (like: dancing, shopping, celebrating, being frustrated, getting angry etc.

The "Green Screen Actors" Pack Comes With 18 Pro Actors:

Starring in Over 100 Green Screen Videos in 11 Categories:

1. Dancing:

2. Celebrating

3. Frustration and Stress:

4. Anger and Yelling:

5. Discussion (biz group):

6. Celebrating (biz group):

7. Shopping (Single):

8. Shopping (Group):

9. Phone (Texting):

10. Phone (Talking):

11. Girl on Laptop:

The "Green Screen Actors" Package offers Great Value to Your Customers! Its MUCH cheaper than the competition, and offers a far greater variaty of Actors and Videos to choose from. For anyone looking to add Real Actors to their videos - this is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to do it.

You Get All Sales Materials To Sell This Product

Optimized Sales Page (with 15% Conversions)! 

You get a professionally formatted sales page, that’s already proven to convert. Just add your order button to it, and you’re in business. And ofcourse feel free to edit the sales page, write your own sales copy, add your own elements, take things away, etc..

Professional Sales Video

The sales page comes with a sales video that shows exactly what the product is all about, and samples of what customers get.

Sales Graphics (With Editable Source Files)

You get all the professional sales page graphics you need to sell this product. If you want to edit them to match your business, you can do that with the provided PSD graphics source files.

Ready To Go Email Swipes

You'll get the same emails that already brought in sales for this product. Just paste your own link into the emails and they’re ready to send out to your list. Ofcourse feel free to edit the emails with your own personal touches.

+PLUS PLR to Awesome Video Bonuses!

On top of the main Green Screen Actors product you will also get a PLR license to 100's different bonus video graphics assets. These bonus assets alone can easily sell as their own product, and are easily worth the asking price by themselves.

Out-Of-Focus HD Live Footage Videos
Dozens of Video Backdrops To Add Behind The Green Screen Actors

Out-Of-Focus Background Images
Image Backdrops That Look Like Real Scenes (Edited for Green Screen)

Premium HD Motion Backgrounds
Give Your Videos a More Funky Look

Animated Comic Phrases
Put these graphics next to your green screen actors to help convey emotion!

Animated Speech Bubbles
Make the green screen actors communicate (just put text over bubbles)

Clean & Colorful Backgrounds
Add clean and colourful backgrounds to your green screen videos

Wood Floor Backgrounds
Add sleek wood floor & brick wall BGs to your green screen videos

Sleek Studio Backgrounds

Abstract Backgrounds

UPDATE: More Bonus Assets Just Added....

25 HD Motion Backgrounds
Use them as backdrops for your green screen videos, explainer videos, and more

3D Advertising CTA Phrases
Tell people what action to take with these pre-rendered 3D call-to-action phrases

Circular Transitions
Transition between scenes in style with these circular transitions

Social Media Lower Thirds
Promote your social media channels with these 3D animated lower thirds

3D Facebook Like Animations

Animated YouTube Buttons

Animated Marketing Badges
Special Bonus, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Discount, and various different license types

Video Outro Animations
Add these video outros at the end of your videos, to get people to like your videos and subscribe.

Get UNLIMITED PLR License For A Highly Discounted Price

Quality PLR deals like this usually go for $297 – $397 per product. Some go even higher, especially when buying unlimited licenses to sell a product. "Unlimited" means you can sell as many copies as you want. 

At first we wanted to offer 50 or 100 licenses on the FE, and then upsell to unlimited licenses for a much higher price. But instead we decided to over-deliver and offer the Unlimited PLR license right here on the FE for a highly discounted price...

 Regular Price $297 

Special Launch Discount Price:

Green Screen Actors PLR

What Exactly Can You Do With The PLR License?

What you CAN do:

  • Sell the Product as is
  • Edit the Product (and Sales Page)
  • Put Your Name and Brand on it
  • Bundle it With Other Paid Offers
  • Sell UNLIMITED Copies
  • Use it As an Up-Sell in your Sales Funnel
  • Split up the content
  • Offer up to 20 Videos as Bonus Content
  • Add it to a Paid Membership Site
  • Use the product yourself and for clients

What you CANNOT do:

  • Cannot Sell Resell Rights
  • Cannot Sell Master Resell Rights
  • Cannot Sell Private Label Rights
  • Cannot Be Sold on Auction Sites
  • Cannot Give it Away for Free
  • Cannot Sell without Including Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

None of the 18 Actors and Models appearing inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack, or Video content may be used to promote the following types of content:

- Adult themed, Pornographic or content of Sexual nature: including pornographic websites, sex toys or accessories, condoms, phone hotlines, sexual advice, how to guides and information.

- Offensive, Hateful and Inappropriate content: hateful imagery, racism, violence, intolerance, religious extremism etc. As well as any content meant to offend, disgust, disturb or shock the viewer.

- Products or Services promoting criminal and dishonest practice: guides and information on criminal activities and enterprises, tax evasion, hacking information and software etc.

- Pick Up Artist (PUA), how to pick up girls and / or dating and seduction guides:
this includes blogs, articles, youtube videos, ebooks, mp3 and audio files and any other content on the subjects of PUA, seduction and "game".

- Counterfeit Goods: applies to fake sports apparel, knock-off designer handbags, fake iPhone and apple products, illegal online movie streams, software etc. as well as any other products or services mimicking brand names goods and trademarks.

- Dangerous and or Harmful and Unhealthy products or services: recreational drugs, counterfeit prescription drugs, weapons, explosives, tobacco, as well as information and guides on making, selling and acquiring such products or services.

- Political Campaigns and / or Propaganda: including television and internet ads promoting or smearing persons involved in politics, or having political influence.

The people included inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack are REAL actors and models - with real careers, portfolios and sample reels. They audition for real TV shows, go to magazine photo-shoots and place a great deal of importance on their image and reputation. This is why we ask you respect these Terms of Use


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