Wait! DOUBLE Your Content by Upgrading to Developer Mega Bundle…

Get 500 More Green Screen Videos PLUS a Developer Licence -
And Start Making Videos for Clients for 497+ a Pop!!

  • Over 500 More Green Screen Videos in 40+ Categories Like: Welcoming, Using a Tablet, Video Games, etc...
  • TONS More Brand New Video Assets: Special FX, Drone Footage, Emoticons, 3D Objects, Backgrounds, and more...
  • Developer License to all this new content, plus the content in the main FE offer - So you can create videos for others for $497!

Thanks for getting the “Green Screen Actors Mega Sale”! Before you go to the downloads, make sure you don't miss out on the Developer Mega Bundle offer on this page. You are free to use all the assets in that package on as many of your own projects as you want. But, if you intend to use the “Green Screen Actors” assets to Create Videos for other businesses or Clients (as a service)... than you need a "Developer" License for that...

Here's Why You NEED The Developer License:

Video Services are in Extremely High Demand right now. Websites as well as Off-Line Businesses are willing to pay anywhere from $495 to $1695 and Up per Sales / Promo Video for their online stores, social media pages and even short local TV commercials. The Developer License will allow you to start charging $100's and sometimes even $1000's per single Sales Video...

^ Just check out some of the prices people are charging for their video services! The services that include Actors & Models are even higher. So the Developer License is definitely worth getting - and NOT just for making awesome videos, if you're a graphics designer the Developer License will also allow you to use these Actors in your Graphics, Headlines and other Designs!

Its just as easy as using the actors in your videos: just pause the video when the actor is posing the way you want, and take a screen-shot. Then combine the cut-out actor with Graphics, eCovers, Headlines etc. Just like we're doing here on this website :-) For example, the Actor + Headline graphic below took only 5 minutes to make...

PLUS, on top of the over 500 HD Green Green Videos you've already purchased – the Developer Licence comes with an Extra 500 HD Videos and a TON of useful graphics and video content. You basically double your green screen video archive! This is the perfect offer for anyone looking to provide Video (and Graphics) Services to Clients!

Just like the 500+ HD Videos you've already purchased, these 500+ Extra HD Videos are 100% Original and not available for sale anywhere else. They add tremendous value to the already huge “Green Screen Actors” Pack and also come with a Developer License! They include new Categories of video, and add more flexibility to your video library when making videos for clients...

Over 500 More Green Screen Videos
In These 40+ New Categories:


More Sefies

More Pointing

More Props

More Props

More Positive

More Presenting

Baseball Bat


Floor Pointing



More Presenting

More "Using Phone" (with new actors)


More "Holding Postcards" (with new actors)

Playing Video Games (PS4 & Xbox 360)

Using Tablet

40 More Billboards & Ads

The main package came with 15 Green Screen Billboards & Ads, and with this upgrade you'll get 40 more!

As you can see: These EXTRA 500+ HD Videos make an already BIG package even BIGGER! And ads even more Variety and Flexibility to the types of sales and promo videos you'd be able to create.

PLUS On Top off The Developer License and the 200+ Extra HD Videos you also get some awesome bonus content thats worth the price of this up-sell all by itself! Things like Video Graphics, Video FX files and even HD Drone Footage...

Plus Cool Video Bonuses: Perfect for Combining with Actors!

Drone Footage Videos

Add some spectacular drone footage to your videos. Perfect for an opening, motivational videos, and any other videos where you would like to set a broad / enlightened mood. Just add a few words in text and you've got people's attention! 

Green Silhuettes on Blue Backgrounds

These videos extremely easy to use, and perfect for adding some funky effects and color to your projects. You can change the blue background to ANY video, picture or color and do the same with the "Green Slhuettes". For example: change the blue background to a stock exchange, and fill the green silhuette with dollar signs. Check out the quick preview clip to get an idea of what you can do..

Spooooky / Halloween Themed Green Screen Videos - 80 Extra Videos!

Icludes 25 Videos Previously Offered to Loyal Customers for Halloween 100% Free of charge.

PLUS 55 MORE Videos, in 5 Extra Categories previously offered as a $27 Dollar Up-Sell!

Out Of Focus Background Images


 Regular Price $141 

Green Screen Actors Mega Sale - Developer Bundle

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