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You read that right - A Developer License to Over 1,000 HD Green Screen Videos! The 500 Videos you've already purchased PLUS the 500 More You Get as a part of this One Time Special Offer. All together you'll have a HUGE Library of footage to work with! As well as the Developer License needed to use it in commercial projects for your clients...

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And That's a Good Thing! Because while your competitors will be stuck paying $15, $25, $100 per 1 single video on stock footage websites - You'll Have a Developer License to a Library of Over 1,000 HD Green Screen Videos with 40 Pro Actors & Models at Your Disposal! Thats a BIG "Leg Up" on anyone that doesn't get this offer... 

Your 500+ EXTRA Green Screen Videos:

1. Selfies

2. Phone Frustration

3. Laughing

4. Desk / Laptop

5. Business Arguing

6. Close Up: Mouth

7. Close Up: Eyes

8. Close Up: Hands

9. Misc

10. Welcoming

11. Waving Finger

12. Disappointed

13. Disgusted

14. More Dancing

15. Excited

16. Handshakes

17. More Presenting

18. More Pointing

19. Piggybank

20. DJ Woman

21. Drinking

22. More Makeup

23. Eating Fruit

24. More Phones

25. Winter

26. More Posters

27. Playing Games

28. Using Tablet

29. More Billboards & Ads

30. Welcome

31. Interactions

32. More Presenters

33. Baseball Bat

34. Construction & Tools

35. Mustache

36. Pointing

37. More Selfies

38. Pointing on Floor

39. More Emogi Faces

40. Happy Reaction

41. More Props

42. Computer


These 500+ Extra Green Screen Videos are a perfect way to Sell Your Products! They add a "Human Touch" to your Website - full of emotion, enthusiasm and excitement that people can relate to. And Remeber: these videos are also Perfect for Graphics! Just pause the actors in the pose you want, take a screenshot and stick them anywhere you like (just like you see on this page).


Get 500 MORE HD Green Screen Videos + A Developer Lincese for EVERYTHING!

Launch Discount Special Offer
Regular Price  $141  Your Special Price:

Green Screen Actors Mega Sale - Upgrade OTO1

Price increases to $97 After Launch!

+ 12 MORE Awesome Bonuses:

Animated Emoticons

Green Screen Flash FX (Smoke)

Green Screen Flash FX (Shapes)

3D Animated Sale Signs

3D Animated Arrows

Props & Virtual Enviornments

Animated Lower Thirds

Add animated lower thirds to your videos. These graphics come in: 

Animated MOV
Animated SWF
Animated GIF
Transparent PNG

Plus source After Effects files (so you can edit and customize the text, colors, shapes, etc..)

More HD Live Footage Backgrounds

More Out of Focus Image Backgrounds

More HD Animated Backgrounds

Source Files to Animated Phrases & Speech Bubbles

And More...

Get Access To All This Content For...

Discount Special Offer
Regular Price  $141  Your Special Price:

Green Screen Actors Mega Sale - Upgrade OTO1

Terms of Use & Conditions:

None of the 18 Actors and Models appearing inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack, or Video content may be used to promote the following types of content:

- Adult themed, Pornographic or content of Sexual nature: including pornographic websites, sex toys or accessories, condoms, phone hotlines, sexual advice, how to guides and information.

- Offensive, Hateful and Inappropriate content: hateful imagery, racism, violence, intolerance, religious extremism etc. As well as any content meant to offend, disgust, disturb or shock the viewer.

- Products or Services promoting criminal and dishonest practice: guides and information on criminal activities and enterprises, tax evasion, hacking information and software etc.

- Pick Up Artist (PUA), how to pick up girls and / or dating and seduction guides:
this includes blogs, articles, youtube videos, ebooks, mp3 and audio files and any other content on the subjects of PUA, seduction and "game".

- Counterfeit Goods: applies to fake sports apparel, knock-off designer handbags, fake iPhone and apple products, illegal online movie streams, software etc. as well as any other products or services mimicking brand names goods and trademarks.

- Dangerous and or Harmful and Unhealthy products or services: recreational drugs, counterfeit prescription drugs, weapons, explosives, tobacco, as well as information and guides on making, selling and acquiring such products or services.

- Political Campaigns and / or Propaganda: including television and internet ads promoting or smearing persons involved in politics, or having political influence.

The people included inside the "Green Screen Actors" Pack are REAL actors and models - with real careers, portfolios and sample reels. They audition for real TV shows, go to magazine photo-shoots and place a great deal of importance on their image and reputation. This is why we ask you respect these Terms of Use.

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